Liam Hemsworth Trashes Media Coverage

5/30/2016 1:34am EDT
Liam Hemsworth Says Miley Cyrus Stories Are 'Made Up' By The Tab
Liam Hemsworth says “everything” the tabloids write about he and Miley Cyrus is “made up.”

Liam and Miley are thought to be back together ... and suspected to be engaged. "The Hunger Games" star has been making the media circuit, not confirming either way to outlets whether he and Miley are officially together. He's basically mentioned that "everyone is happy" and that his break up with Miley "had to happen" because they were young when they met back in 2009 after filming "The Last Song."

Liam Hemsworth: Tabl "Make Up Everything" About Miley Cyrus

— Gossip Cop (...

Princess Diana's 'Disgraced' Butler Splitting Up With Wife

5/30/2016 1:15am EDT
princess diana
Princess Diana's "disgraced" butler, Paul Burrell, is in the middle of a divorce with his wife of 32 years, Maria. The pair have been separated for years ... with Maria living in Florida and Paul living in Cheshire, England. He operates a flower shop there, Radaronline reports.

Disgraced Princess Diana butler Paul Burrell is 'in secret talks' for Strictly Come Dancing

— Daily Express (@Daily_Express) May 23, 2016

Burrell is set to appear on a variety of British reality shows and it's believed that it has to do with him needing the mo...

Did This Rare Male Silverback Gorilla Have To Die?

5/29/2016 10:16pm EDT
Endangered Gorilla Shot, Killed By Zookeepers After Boy Falls In
Another animal in captivity has lost its life -- allegedly, unnecessarily -- and animal lovers are up in arms.

A day after Cincinnati Zoo officials shot and killed a male silverback gorilla because a 3-year-old boy fell into the animal enclosure on Saturday, the public is erupting in fury over the behavior of the boys' parents.

Amateur footage captured the child's 10-minute ordeal after he fell 10 feet below a lookout area reserved for zoo-goers. During that time, visitors screamed frantically at the gorilla and tried to usher him away, to no avail, according to LADbible.

The curious ...

Will The WWE Bring Back This Former Superstar?

5/29/2016 9:22pm EDT
Kurt Angle
Will Kurt Angle be the next major superstar the WWE brings back?

Apparently, Vince McMahon's hesitate about re-hiring the former WWE champ because he gets injured a lot. He also doesn't believe Angle can handle a heavy workload because it will increase his risk of injury. Angle's also had substance abuse issues and McMahon's worried something will happen to him while he's under contract. Such an event would be a lot of bad press. Angle's won a gold medal at the Olympics and he's a very high-profile athlete.

With my buddy Trevor Murdoch at KC Pro Wrestling School in Kansas City...

Drake And LeBron Almost Kiss And Make Up

5/29/2016 8:08pm EDT
Did Drake Try To Kiss LeBron After Game 6?
Drake is a huge fan of the Toronto Raptors. So, during Game 6 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, the rapper got heated and started taunting LeBron James, even though the two are normally very friendly. Drake even performed at the afterparty the night LeBron won the NBA title in Miami. Shortly after Drake started ranting at the Cleveland Cavaliers from his courtside seats, LeBron threw down a monster dunk. The king ran by Drake and returned his insults with some choice words of his own.

LeBron James taunts Drake

— Kenny Ducey (@KennyDucey) May 28, 2016


Derrick Rose's Sexual Assault Case Is Getting Worse

5/29/2016 3:52pm EDT
Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose's sexual assault accuser claims that he's attempting to intimate her in new court documents obtained by Bossip. The accuser says she has not told her parents that she was raped and does not plan to. Rose wants them to be deposed in the case.

The Chicago Bulls guard has asked to involve the alleged victim's parents in the lawsuit. She claims he's involving her parents “for the purpose of attempting to draw attention away” from the fact that he and his friends are "rapists."

“It’s crystal clear that they really don’t even care about the parents deposition,” the lawyer for the...

Alex Rodriguez' Daughter Ella Reveals What He's Not Good At

5/29/2016 3:04pm EDT
Alex Rodriguez
Ella Rodriguez would like you to know that A-Rod can't cut an apple. In fact, him cutting the fruit is one of the craziest things he's ever done.

The New York Yankees infielder posted a photo of his daughter's Parent's Day assignment on Twitter, which he was the subject for.

Turns out, he has some below average cutting abilities and can't cook.

Ella's Parents Day assignment! ❤️ it honey. Daddy isn't 43 yet but by then, I promise I'll know how to cut an .

— Alex Rodriguez (@AROD) May 28, 2016

At least he's committed to working on it.

Look who's in tow...

Rob Gronkowski Is Not Happy About Not Partying

5/29/2016 2:25pm EDT
Rob Gronkowski
The single life is one of those things you can't truly appreciate until it's gone. It seems that New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is currently learning this lesson.

Gronk spent the weekend with his girlfriend. He looks less than enthusiastic to be chilling on a boat being a boyfriend in place of partying with his brothers, pro-wrestler friends, father, and LMFAO.

Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire has nothing on Las Vegas and Miami. But, that doesn't mean Gronk can't bring the party to the upper middle-class family vacation destination.

Saw @RobGronkowski a few times t...

David Letterman Does Drunk Sports TV Interview

5/29/2016 11:31am EDT
David Letterman Shamelessly Admits To Be Drunk On 'Sports Center
The interviewer became the interviewee during a live "Sports Center" segment on Saturday.

The 69-year-old former "Late Show" host and Indianapolis native David Letterman made an appearance live from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The IndyCar team that Letterman owns was competing in the Indy 500 race.

Letterman started on with a pointless story about ice melting. Then, he got to the point.

"We got drunk as you can get without killing yourself from alcohol poisoning." Then he realized his tangent was going nowhere and he admitted, "By the way, I'm drunk now." Barrie responded, "Goo...

Remembering Pat Tillman This Memorial Day Weekend

5/29/2016 11:30am EDT
Pat Tillman
While the majority of Americans are out celebrating the long weekend with trips to the shore, backyard barbecues, and watching the college lacrosse tournament in Philadelphia on ESPN this Memorial Day, let's all not be naive and fail to remember the real reason why we are being given the day off from work/school. Unlike the 4th of July, Memorial Day is not a day of celebrating one of our country's greatest achievements. Rather, it is a day to remember all those brave men and women who sacrificed their lives for this great nation and to honor them with the utmost respect. The stories behind ...

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