Leah Remini Encouraged Release Of Controversial Book

4/28/2016 10:32am EDT
Leah Remini Urged David Miscavige's Father To Write Epic Sciento
Leah Remini encouraged David Miscavige's father -- Ron Miscavige -- to write an epic Scientology tell-all over his son's role as the church's leader.

Remini has been a vocal critic of the Church of Scientology and released her own book back in November. People reports that the actress strongly backs Ron Miscavige's new book to be released on May 3 -- Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me.

Leah Remini says she encouraged David Miscavige's father to write his Scientology memoir

— People Magazine (@people) April 28, 2016

Her Transformation Is Unbelievable, Especially Once You Know Her Struggle!

4/28/2016 10:31am EDT
This Woman Was Forced By Her Ex To Stay Overweight, But Her Reco
Christine Carter had never considered herself slender, but once she gave up smoking several years ago, she found herself binge-eating and carrying more weight than she ever had before in her life.

However, when she found herself unrecognizable to some of her closest family members at a family reunion, she realized it was time for a change. And since 2014, she's managed to lose an impressive 150 pounds, resulting in the transformation you see above.

She says:

My father begged me to come to the family reunion, and I reluctantly — because of my weight — agreed to go... I walked in and we...

Meat Lovers, You May Want To Put Down That Steak

4/28/2016 10:25am EDT
Too Much Red Meat May Increase Your Body's Biological Age
A diet with too much red meat and not enough fruit and vegetables can increase one's "biological age" and cause other health issues, according to a new study by the University of Glasgow.

Biological age refers to how old a human seems versus chronological age, which is how old a person actually is.

Researchers determined that a moderate increase in serum phosphate levels due to red meat consumption, combined with a poor overall diet, increases biological age.

The worst affected group in the study were "deprived males." The effects were not apparent among less deprived males or females "...

'The Middle' Recap: 'The Lanai'

4/28/2016 10:11am EDT
The Middle The Lanai
“The Middle” has a knack for identifying in a low-key way natural phenomena that are simple but powerful. The First Spring Day Warm Enough to Wear Shorts and Sunbathe and Otherwise Believe That Life Is Worth Living is not an official designation, but it is absolutely real, isn’t it? As an integral part of the seasonal cycle of life, it is unassuming, but profound. It certainly can be counted on to affect people’s behavior. With the sun shining and the mercury rising, the good moods are dominating and with them so is confidence. But with that disposition in rare supply in the preceding month...

Kit Harington, Rose Leslie Still Going Strong

4/28/2016 10:02am EDT
Kit Harington, Rose Leslie Step Out In London After 'GoT' Season
Kit Harington and Rose Leslie may no longer have roles on Game Of Thrones, but their off-screen relationship is stronger than ever! According to People Magazine, the two actors -- who met and fell in love on set -- stepped out for a date the night after the GoT Season 6 premiere.

"[Kit and Rose] celebrated the premiere of Harington's new West End production of Christopher Marlowe's Elizabethan play Doctor Faustus at London's The Cuckoo Club on Monday night. Posing together at the show's after-party, Leslie and Harington, both 29, looked polished in complementary white shirts. Harington mat...

'Empire' Recap: More Than Kin

4/28/2016 9:49am EDT
'Empire' Recap: More Than Kin
Lucious better scooch over to make room for Cookie on the Empire throne. You read that right. Empire is a shared kingdom now; Cookie and Lucious are co-CEOs of Empire—it’s the brainchild of the shareholders. After giving Hakeem the boot the shareholders weren’t completely sold on making Lucious sole CEO once again.

Instead of going the route of skinning their cats or blowing up their Bentleys to convince them otherwise, Cookie wanted to play the united family route. The only problem is the Lyons are as scattered as confetti on New Years’ Day. Andre suggests hosting an event for a worthy ca...

See Emily Maynard's Ultrasound Photo

4/28/2016 9:29am EDT
Pregnant Emily Maynard Debuts Ultrasound Photo
Emily Maynard is pregnant with her third child just months after giving birth to her son, Jennings. The former Bachelorette and her husband, Tyler Johnson, have decided to wait to find out the sex of their baby. On Tuesday, Maynard posted an ultrasound photo of her little one on Instagram and asked fans to guess whether it's a boy or a girl.

I still can't believe I'm pregnant AGAIN. We had our big ultrasound yesterday and somehow I convinced my husband to let it be a surprise! Anyone else wait to find out boy/girl? Any guesses? {nail polish opi lets be friends bc lets be honest t...

Rebel Wilson's Trying To Lose Weight

4/28/2016 9:10am EDT
Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: 'Pitch Perfect' Actress Drops Eight Po
Rebel Wilson went on a weight loss retreat and lost eight pounds! According to E! News, the Pitch Perfect star participated in a four-day retreat that involved hiking and (presumably) clean eating. She shared her success on social media.

"OMG just finished 4 fantastic days at challenging but very rewarding! Not to mention I lost 8 pounds from marathon hiking over the 4 days! Thanks to the amazing staff and masseuses (free daily massages are part of the program)!! Feeling great!! @theranchmalibu @fswestlake #TheRanch4.0 #theranchatliveoak," Wilson posted on Instagram.


'Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Recap: FitzSimmons Take the Next Step

4/28/2016 9:06am EDT
'Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Season 3 Episode 18: FitzSimmo
After three seasons of waiting, our science babies finally went from "it's complicated' to "in a relationship on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Last week, Fitz and Simmons had another major kiss, which confirmed the new era for their relationship. On "The Singularity," after many awkward discussions, Fitz and Simmons stopped fighting it and just had sex.

It was a beautiful moment for long-suffering fans who have wanted and hoped for Fitz Simmons to become a couple since season 1. Some fans may worry that Fitz and Simmons' sudden happiness must mean that one of them will probably fall victim to Dai...

Kelly Ripa Enjoys Anniversary Trip

4/28/2016 9:00am EDT
Kelly Ripa Dons $199 Wedding Dress During Anniversary Trip
It hasn't been all rain clouds for Kelly Ripa despite how the media has made the last week out to be. The daytime talk show host jetted away on a romantic vacation with her husband, Mark Consuelos. The two were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary in Turks And Caicos over the weekend while the world was trying to figure out what was going to happen between her and her on-screen hubby, Michael Strahan.

According to People Magazine, Ripa and Consuelos had a great time on their trip -- and Kelly brought along one very special piece of clothing -- her wedding gown! When she returned from...

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