Interview: Maura Chappelle Puts The Girl In 'Boyband'

4/23/2016 11:08am EDT
Interview: Maura Chappelle Puts The Girl In 'Boyband'
The web series is called Boyband, but if you've been following along you know that the girls are in the house. That includes the fantastic Maura Chappelle, who not only was part of the show's hard-working crew and responsible for helping out with those catchy songs, but then turned up this season as part of the girlband that made their debut in episode 10.

How did she go from behind the scenes to in front of the camera? We found out that and more in our recent interview with Maura.

She didn't expect to be on the show at all when she started. "The first season I was just involved with the ...

Weekend TV Guide: 'Game Of Thrones' Returns For Season 6

4/23/2016 9:02am EDT
Weekend TV Guide: 'Game Of Thrones' Returns For Season 6
The return of Game of Thrones dominates the weekend's TV highlights, as fans tune in for the sixth season of the bloody, edgy fantasy series. Is Jon Snow actually dead? And who will join him by the time the next 10 episodes are done?

As usual, spoilers for the new season are not easy to come by, but fans who want a few clues can check out HBO's formal press release about Season 6. Season premiere "The Red Woman" airs Sunday at 9 p.m., and here's a scene from the episode that features Cersei (Lena Headey):

Below are the other programs worth checking out this weekend:


Outlaw: ...

Whoa! Have You Ever Seen A Car Like This?

4/19/2016 9:53am EDT
The Prismatic Paint Effect On This Car Is Incredible
People are losing their minds over a pretty cool prismatic paint job on a Hyundai. "So Shiny! So Chrome!" wrote one user on Imgur.

The video, captioned "Cue the Mario Cart Rainbow Road music....," shows off an amazing silver/rainbow effect applied to the vehicle. It's unclear what process the car underwent to achieve such a look.

The car looks just like a CD, observed several users.

"That is an awesome paint job! But how would you touch that up?" asked one. It's a good question.

Another commented, "I guess that's illegal to have in the streets, right? It's gotta be blinding in the right...

There Are Several Explanations To Why People Cheat - Do You Believe Any Of Them?

4/19/2016 9:14am EDT
This Video Explains Why Some People Have The Urge To Cheat On Th
Despite the fact that 91% of Americans agree that cheating on their partner is wrong, more than a third of married men and women have confessed to the act. Something has to happen that causes so many people to do something that's so widely regarded as wrong.

Without getting too far into the values and morals of the act (which you can assign yourself) this video from Bustle gives the most prevalent and likely explanations for this forbidden act.

Watch the video below:

Interviews with Dr. David Barash and Dr. Helen Fisher shed a little light on the cause for this behavior.

The first...

Weekend TV Guide: A 'Bar Rescue' Return And More Weekend Viewing

4/16/2016 9:05am EDT
Weekend TV Guide: A 'Bar Rescue' Return And More Weekend Viewing
The return of one of Bar Rescue's most infamous cases toplines our guide to your weekend TV viewing. From premieres to finales and everything in between, here are some of the top picks to watch this Saturday and Sunday:


Confirmation (HBO, 8 p.m.): Kerry Washington (Scandal) and Wendell Pierce (Suits) star as Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas in this dramatization of Thomas' confirmation hearings written by Susannah Grant, the screenwriter behind Erin Brockovich. Watch the trailer here.

UFC Fight Night: Teixeira vs. Evans (Fox Sports 1, 8 p.m.): Glover Teixeira and Rashad Evans squa...

A Little Makeup Goes A Long Way In Showing These Lovebirds The Road Ahead For Them

4/14/2016 3:53pm EDT
This Makeup Artist Aged Couples 50 Years To Give Them A Look At
If you ever wondered what you and your significant other would look like a few decades down the road, you’re not alone. In fact, makeup artist Stephanie Nadia found that the question was such a profound and seemingly unanswerable one that she sought out a way to take the image from people’s minds to actual (remarkable) images.

It’s not only a very sweet project, giving these couples a look into the future, but it’s also one that showcases Nadia’s significant talents as a makeup artist.

And from the sound of it, she had a great time doing it! She says on the video, "It was a challenge, but...

She Was Too Busy Filming Herself & Singing Rihanna To Notice What Was Behind Her

4/12/2016 9:03am EDT
Watch This 19-Year-Old Girl Snowboard, Unaware She's Being Chase
Every once in a while, a video or pic will come across social media that is so perfectly executed that you have to assume it's fake. For instance, take a look at the above picture of 19-year-old Kelly Murphy, shredding down a run at a Japanese resort, completely unaware that a bear is chasing her.

It even is shot like a horror film. She's singing Rihanna's "Work," completely unaware of what's going behind her as she films herself. And, sure enough, you'll see the bear go out of frame, then come right back in as she makes a turn in the other direction.

Fortunately, she makes it down wi...

These Cookie Monster iPhone Ad Outtakes Are Hilarious

4/10/2016 2:01pm EDT
These Cookie Monster iPhone Ad Outtakes Are Hilarious
Cookie Monster has become a pretty popular dude. The beloved Sesame Street character (seen above in a scene from the show with NBC News anchor Matt Lauer) is the star of Apple's latest iPhone ad called "Timer", showing off the hands-free function of Siri by, of course, baking cookies.

It's a creative and laugh out loud commercial, but Apple has now taken it one step further by releasing another video that's meant to be bloopers from the making of the ad. In the second clip, among the many mishaps are Cookie Monster getting hit with the director's slate and a crew member ruining a shot.


David Colton Talks Playing The Ladies' Man In 'Boyband'

4/10/2016 11:01am EDT
David Colton Talks Playing The Ladies' Man In 'Boyband'
In every band, it seems like there's the one guy who thinks the music is his pathway to meeting girls. In Boyband that's Chad Steele, the guitarist played by David Colton (above second from left). As Starpulse continued our look behind the scenes of the web series, we asked David what it's like to play the so-called "ladies man" in a band even if it's a fake one.

But really, how much is Chad deluding himself? "A lot," David told us. "He does like to think he's the only unstoppable force in terms of ladies in the world. When it comes down to it he's a douchebag, but there's more to him than...

'Game Of Silence' Preview

4/10/2016 10:28am EDT
'Game Of Silence' Preview: First Look At NBC's New Friendship Dr
This week NBC unveils its new midseason drama series Game of Silence, starring network mainstay David Lyons (Revolution, The Cape) as a man at the center of a 25-year-old secret that resurfaces and threatens to destroy his carefully built life.

Before the series premieres on Tuesday, get a first look at it here with the network's trailer and find out more about the show that will go on to join The Blacklist to create a night of conspiracies and deception.

Jackson Brooks (played by Lyons) is a lawyer at the top of his game. Not only is he about to make partner, but he's also engaged to mar...

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