If Barbra Streisand And Bill Really Had A Fling, Why Is She TEAM Hillary Now?

12/23/2015 10:14am EST
Barbra Streisand Is TEAM Hillary Despite Outlandish Report Alleg
Barbra Streisand is a Hillary Clinton "supporter." Well, here's a possible sudden turn of events. According to Daily Mail, Barbra wants women to vote for the former First Lady, in a "women unite" kind of way. However, Streisand, who allegedly (with a strong emphasis on the "a") had a tryst with Bill at the White House, wasn't always bosom buddies with Hills.

Barbra Streisand was the guest of honor recently for the annual Women in Entertainment breakfast in Los Angeles. There, she received the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award. The Hollywood Reporter recognizes women who are pioneers in thei...

Guess What John Edwards Did Now...

12/18/2015 10:26am EST
John Edwards
John Edwards took a trip to the grave of his late wife, Elizabeth Edwards, but didn't even get out of the car to pay his respects. According to the National Enquirer, Edwards was spotted at the Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh, No. Carolina, on December 7, the day that Elizabeth passed away from cancer five years ago. The car pulled up, stayed for an unknown amount of time, and then drove away.

"On the morning of the anniversary, John was spotted here in his Toyota Prius, but he didn’t even get out of his car," shared a source. A reporter from the Enquirer reportedly followed Edwards off the p...

Obama Family Travel Expenses Will Shock You

12/15/2015 5:17pm EST
Obama Family's Travel Expenses Will Shock You: What Taxpayers Ar
Travel expenses for the Obama family are truly shocking and it's a huge burden on taxpayers. As President Barack Obama sets to take his wife and two daughters to Hawaii for the eighth Christmas in a row, Judicial Watch explains that just the air time alone on Air Force one costs $206,000 an hour … which equates to $3.5 million for a round-trip flight to Hawaii from Washington, D.C.

Head of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton spoke with about the exorbitant travel expenses incurred Obama and his family.

“The Obamas' travel is out of control. They are treating the Air Force One like an Uber r...

Will Smith For President?

12/12/2015 9:00am EST
First Kanye, Now Will Smith Talks Running For POTUS: 'Fresh Prin
The moment you thought things couldn't get more bizarre, another rapper hints at running for President of the United States of America. First, it was Kanye West. Now Will Smith is expressing interest in a White House bid. Yeezy's was direct, but the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air dropped a subtle hint -- thanks to Donald Trump.

According to a New York Daily News report, Will Smith may add politics to his growing resume. Yes, this is another true-to-life moment, folks. But let's back it up for a moment.

At the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift presented Kanye West with the Michael Jacks...

C'mon Man! Was Bill Clinton Really A 'Closet Homosexual' Back In The Day?

12/11/2015 4:14pm EST
Bill Clinton
You either love or hate the Clintons; there's no in-between option, and it seems Hillary and Bill Clinton can't catch a break from scandal. The latest rumor -- that sounds like another trumped up (not Donald) charge, says former President Bill Clinton is gay and has a reputation for chasing homosexual men during his days as an Arkansas law school professor.

According to a report, Bill Clinton was "secretly interested in men" in his time before taking the White House. Of course, these unproven allegations might throw you for a loop. After all, the former POTUS has a reputation as a ladies'...

Harrison Ford Doesn't Like Trump

12/11/2015 10:58am EST
Harrison Ford Slams Donald Trump After Presidential Candidate Pr
Donald Trump may be fan of Harrison Ford, but it's not the other way around. Last week the presidential candidate told the New York Times he liked films that featured heroic presidents, specifically "Air Force One."

Ford starred in the 1997 film, which centered on POTUS fighting off a group of Russian terrorists after hijacking the presidential plane. One of the movie's famous lines is Ford, as U.S. President James Marshall, saying, "Get off my plane."

Trump said of the flick, "My favorite was Harrison Ford on the plane," adding, "I love Harrison Ford -- and not just because he rents my p...

Donald Trump Claims Patriots QB Tom Brady Is Helping Him Get Votes

12/11/2015 6:55am EST
Patriots Tom Brady Helping Donald Trump Get Votes, Says Trump Is
New England Patriots QB Tom Brady thinks Donald Trump is "the greatest" — and those are Trump's words, not Brady's.

During an interview with The Washington Post, the Republican presidential candidate boasted that he is at "48 percent" in the state of Massachusetts and credits Tom Brady for the support he's getting from voters in the Bay State.

"My whole life is about winning," Trump tells the Post. "In Massachusetts, I’m at 48 percent. You know why? Tom Brady said 'Trump’s the greatest.' He says it to anyone who asks him."

However, according to current polls, Trump doesn't have 48 percen...

Muhammad Ali 'Knocks Out' Trump In Statement After Anti-Muslim Remarks

12/10/2015 12:19pm EST
Muhammad Ali Jabs Back: 'The Greatest' Reportedly Responds To Tr
Retired Heavyweight boxing champion, Muhammad Ali, formerly Cassius Clay, has some tough love for presidential candidates who denounce Muslim faith. Ali issued a statement -- presumably, aimed at Donald Trump -- in the wake of controversial remarks from the GOP frontrunner for the 2016 Elections. Muhammad defended Islam and blasted Trump's talk of a Muslim ban on refugees.

According to an NBC News report, Muhammad Ali, 73, shot back at political talking heads and terrorists who use Islam to advance their personal and misguided agendas. Ali did not directly name Donald Trump, but it was ob...

J.K. Rowling Slams Donald Trump... 'Harry Potter' Style

12/8/2015 11:40am EST
J.K. Rowling Says Voldemort Isn't As Bad As Donald Trump
J.K. Rowling has taken a shot at presidential hopeful Donald Trump and her comment is now going viral.

It all started when BBC News wrote up a piece about how people had been comparing Trump to Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series. Rowling, the author of the popular books, tweeted a response to the article and said that Voldemort -- arguably one of the biggest villains in literary history -- is "not as bad" as Trump. And if you know Lord Voldemort, you know that this is a serious dig.

This is why people are calling American businessman, Donald Trump, Lord Voldemort

'Sex-Crazed, Philandering' Bill Clinton Can't Stop Hillary Clinton's Dream To Become President

12/1/2015 8:47pm EST
'Sex-Crazed' Bill Clinton Wearing Lingerie Didn't Stop Hillary F
If Hillary Clinton doesn't win the 2016 Presidential election, she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton may want to turn to a career in reality TV.

The juicy details in the soon-to-be-released book "Bill & Hillary: So This Is That Thing Called Love" rival the story lines from any Real Housewives series. The 432-page unauthorized biography, due out later this month, is filled with unconfirmed reports about "sex-crazed" Bill and his life with Hillary.

From Hillary ordering Bill to get an HIV test because “he favored unprotected sex," to his rumored seduction of the late Jackie Ken...

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