‘The Voice’ Top 12 Elimination Show: Who Moved On?

11/18/2015 9:13am EST
'The Voice' Recap: Who Didn't Make It To The Top 11?
The Voice aired its Top 12 Eliminations show on Tuesday, taking things easy by only sending home one artist instead of the usual two singers. But which artists found themselves in the bottom two and having to appeal to social media to earn the Twitter Instant Save? And who was left packing their bags?

The results were not particularly surprising for anyone who watched the iTunes Singles Chart on Monday evening, or who knows how the history of the show has played out at this stage. The two artists at risk were from the usual teams that find themselves on the chopping block in the early roun...

'The Muppets': Chelsea Handler Is 'Too Hot' For Scooter 'To Handler'

11/18/2015 9:09am EST
The Muppets
“The Muppets” has settled into a pleasant groove, in which the nastier tendencies that typified the new “adult” branding of this show have been toned down. Scooter, Kermit, and Fozzie take center stage in stories with familiar plot beats that are not particularly revelatory, but they could have been a lot worse. Misunderstandings – either contrived or perfectly understandable – could have been compounded the conflicts, but instead the resolutions are pleasant and Muppet-style heartwarming. It is a form of television that will not win praises for its ambition but can be treasured for the com...

'The Voice' Top 12 Round Begins

11/17/2015 10:04am EST
'The Voice': Top 3 Performances From The Top 12
The Top 12 round is here on The Voice, with the last three singers from all four teams performing on Monday in order to avoid being the one(!) person that will get eliminated tonight.

As the voting window closes - you have until noon ET to cast your vote online, on Facebook, on iTunes or by using the show's official app - we've selected the top three performances that deserve to get the artists through to next week, including the fresh cover from Team Blake's Barrett Baber.

Here are our Top 3 performances from the Top 12, in the order in which they performed on Monday:

Braiden Sunshine (...

'Blindspot' Teaches Us A Lesson About Love

11/17/2015 9:21am EST
What We Learned From 'Blindspot': Love Hurts
Fans might have been hoping that romance was in the air when this week's Blindspot had Jane Doe and Kurt Weller playing married, but the real factoid hiding in the midst of "Authentic Flirt" was that love hurts, at least if you're part of the FBI's Critical Incident Response Group.

Sure, it was pretty cool to see Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) all dressed up and kicking some bad guy behind, while naturally having those few moments where they were awkward with each other and Weller's ex Allison (Trieste Kelly Dunn). But let's look at how well this episode really wen...

'Homeland' Recap: Carrie's On The Trail Of Her Attackers

11/17/2015 9:06am EST
'Homeland' Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: Carrie's On The Trail Of He
Previously - Saul was what experts call “a dick” to Carrie, and refused to help her. He later changed his tune, gave the hacked CIA documents Carrie needed to Düring, and was promptly arrested by the agency. Quinn survived his wounds and fell in with a band of Syrian jihadists.

It’s more than halfway through Season 5, and I’m feeling this one’s a “not bad.” It’s maybe even a “pretty good for most of it.” It’s not causing my head to explode like last season which, let’s face it, was Homeland rising from the ashes of Brody and moving on. Everyone’s kind of subtle this go-round, and I like i...

Who Will Take Home 'DWTS' Season 21 Mirrorball Trophy?

11/16/2015 10:06pm EST
'Dancing With The Stars' Semi-Finals Results: Who Will Win The M
It's down to the final four on Dancing with the Stars with Bindi, Alek, Nick and Carlos all advancing to next week's season finale. Here's a look at Monday night's semi-finals performances and how the couples rank on the leaderboard just one week before the one couple wins the Mirrorball trophy.

Tamara Braxton withdrew from the competition for health reasons, so the four remaining couples were safe from elimination. Normally the semi-finals would include two dances each, but with one less couple competing tonight, producers filled the void by adding a third performance — a dance-off.


'The Walking Dead': Best And Worst Moments From The Episode 'Always Accountable'

11/16/2015 8:47am EST
'The Walking Dead' Recap: Best And Worst Moments From 'Always Ac

That may be the last word spoken in “Always Accountable” but it might as well also be the mantra of this season’s writers. So far they’ve managed to make one of the most exciting shows on television completely forgettable. Many seasons from now (and there will definitely be many, many more seasons) what will be remembered from the first half of this season, besides maybe Carol fighting the wolves in “JSS.” Maybe viewers will remember the bad writing for Glenn’s “death” or the extreme time spent on characters who’ve barely built connections with our main heroes. The focus on the wor...

Elizabeth Banks Makes Her Well Deserved Debut On 'SNL'

11/15/2015 8:24am EST
'Saturday Night Live' Recap: Elizabeth Banks, Disclosure, Lorde,
“SNL” often responds to its most controversial outings in subsequent episodes, but the Donald Trump spectacle is nary mentioned at all a week later, save for a quick hit on Weekend Update. And this is for the best, because Elizabeth Banks shall not be overshadowed. She has been a deserving host for at least a decade, and in her debut, she puts on a showcase monologue, and then she fades into the ensemble for an episode that is all over the place. Meanwhile, musical guest Disclosure makes it a party by inviting their friends Lorde and Sam Smith.

In lieu of an opening sketch, “SNL” acknowl...

‘Empire’ Recap: Cookie’s In Bed With Enemies

11/12/2015 9:34am EST
Coming off last week’s heart-pumping A High Hope for a Low Heaven, the slow burn and erratic pacing of ‘True Love Never’ elicited more furrowed brows (like mine) than unpredictable gasps. With “Empire’s” extra episodes (six more than last year) it’s likely one would be a filler. DING, DING, DING! I think we’ve got a winner here, Jonny. For starters, there was no shirtless Hakeem (strike one) but the writers’ rebounded that foul by exposing Laz’ torso for the whole first half. Ok, you stole my attention.

Man candy aside, this episode focused on too many subplots—a season long gripe—with new...

'The Middle' Recap: The Hecks Explore Their Identities In 'Homecoming II: The Tailgate'

11/12/2015 8:58am EST
The Middle
The way people believe they are supposed to be is often based more in perception than in hard evidence. Frankie Heck is compelled to hold on to her perceptions. This holds true when it feels right but also even when she wants to let go. The entire Heck family is beholden to perception. This is not necessarily a problem. The primary perspective they all rely on is their own, so their independence keeps them stable, but they could benefit from being rocked by an alternate point of view.

Frankie’s frustration with her mother’s constant presence, while subjective, is not an example of this typ...

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