Heidi Klum's Sexy Halloween Costumes

11/2/2015 3:45pm EST
Slideshow: A Decade Of Heidi Klum's Sexy Halloween Costumes
She's been purple, she's been blue, she's been gold and this year she was a bit grey, but one thing's for sure -- Heidi Klum always nails it on Halloween.

The Project Runway host has been hosting lavish parties celebrating the pagan holiday for over a decade, and she never fails to outdo each and every one of her guests.

This year, Heidi arrived in a classic car and exited Miss Daisy style. She carried a cane and was covered in wrinkles and varicose veins with not a single missed detail.

This year's party, her 14th annual, was sponsered by Svedka vodka and Smartwater and held at Marquee ...

The Stuff Of Nightmares: 20 Terrifying Animals You Didn't Know Existed

11/2/2015 12:06pm EST
20 Terrifying Animals You Didn't Know Were Real -- #14 Will Give
Every single day, scientists discover more and more fascinating creatures around the world -- and some of them are downright terrifying!

We never even knew that most of these creatures even existed.

From the bottom of the ocean to the sky above, these birds, fish, reptiles, bugs & mammals have lurked unseen by many... until now.

Click through to see 15 creatures that are ready to reshape your nightmares one by one...

#1 is a demonic inspiration...

1: Babirusa

Rather than horns, the protrusions these boars sport are molars growing on the top of the skull.

These ill-placed teeth fo...

These Actors Are Madly In Love With Their Wives

10/30/2015 1:39pm EDT
15 Actors Whose Marriages Remain Strong Because They're Still Ma
They are famous, rich, and simply love their wives.

These men who completely adore their wives are every woman's dream man.

They seem to have it all and even love their wives like she is the only woman in the world for him.

Together they make the ideal couple who happen to be famous...

First up: a couple of volunteers

Tom Hanks

Hanks married Rita Wilson in 1988 after meeting on the set of the 1988 film "Volunteers."

The couple has never caused any news about a break up and never made the news or the covers of the tabloids over anything wrong with their marriage.

They have been c...

These Famous Women All Had Husbands With One Big Secret

10/29/2015 5:14pm EDT
15 Famous Women Who Married Men With The Same Big Secret
This list of famous women who tied the knot with seemingly straight men spans decades and generations of beautiful, beloved actresses.

It also reveals much more about these celebrities than how they wear their hair or what designer they choose to wear on the red carpet.

Some of them have become champions for gay rights, while others remain bitter and angry over their failed marriages. Many of them belong to an older generation that grew up with rampant homophobia and thus found themselves with spouses trying to change who they were through marriage.

There's a lot of talent in this list, ...

A Handful Of These Stars Made It Back To The Top After Hitting Rock Bottom

10/29/2015 1:26pm EDT
Britney Spears on the cover of the New York Daily News in 2007
Achieving fame and fortune is every aspiring superstar's dream, but no one plans on hitting rock bottom once they get there.

Many times you never hear about stars on their way down, especially if they've somehow fallen out of the entertainment industry or no longer work with a publicist.

Here are some well documented cases of celebrities that have experienced the full range of highs and lows after celebrating wealth and popularity...

1. Michael Jackson

"The King of Pop" sold millions of records last century, but his personal life and career went into a nosedive in the new century.


Here's Why Donald Trump Will Make A Great President

10/29/2015 11:36am EDT
Donald Trump Would Make A Great President -- Here's Why
In November, 2016, Americans will have two words for Donald Trump, "You're hired!"

Trump announced he was running for president this past June (2015) and he entered the race with unmatched name recognition, quickly catapulting him to the top of the polls.

His blunt talk and stance on major issues has kept him at the top of those polls, and there's been no slowing him down.

Trump is for real, and here are all the reasons why he'll be moving from an office in Manhattan into the Oval Office in January 2017...

Trump Has Never Run For Public Office

Donald is a true political outsider. H...

Extra Nipples, Mismatched Eyes & More -- Celebs With Unusual Body Parts You Never Knew About

10/28/2015 12:45pm EDT
Extra Nipples, Mismatched Eyes & More -- Celebs With Unusual Bod
Celebrities create a persona around them that nears perfection. Celebrities may be admired or looked up to by the average person who desire to be like them, but if it's known that they had an unusual body part, would they still be as appealing?

From an extra finger to a clubbed foot, there are a number of celebrities who ended up with something appearing or a growth at birth that occurred that are not necessarily known.


This pop singer claims she was born with a quarter-inch vestigial tail at birth, but it was removed when she was a child.

She told UK gossip site Heatworld in ...

Joanna Krupa, Ireland Baldwin & More Stars Celebrate 35 Years Of PETA -- See Pics!

10/1/2015 5:22pm EDT
Joanna Krupa Leaves Little To The Imagination At PETA's 35th Ann
Joanna Krupa flashed some serious flesh on Wednesday night at the Hollywood bash celebrating animal right's group PETA's 35th anniversary.

The outspoken animal rights advocate, who has posed nude for the organization on several occasions as part of its "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" campaigns, wore a sparkling Yas Couture by Elie Madi dress that left little to the imagination, revealing her nude panties underneath and covering her up in just the right places up top as she exposed mondo cleavage.

"I am so blessed and honored to be part of the @officialpeta family!" the gorgeous blonde...

Check Out These Awesome 2015 Halloween Costume Ideas!

9/29/2015 12:47pm EDT
Hillary Clinton
It's that time of year once again where we all have to decide what we're going to dress up as for Halloween.

While most of the "original" costume ideas usually get all the accolades, current events and pop culture also play a big part in who's dressing up as who (or what).

There's plenty of fodder for coming up with the perfect costume this year thanks to current events like the 2016 presidential race (seriously, most of these people are scary in their own right), the Pope's visit to the U.S. and reality stars.

There's also a handful of animated movie characters that will be popular with...

15 Of The Tastiest Low Calorie Desserts You Can Make Yourself

9/27/2015 3:32pm EDT
Smoothies, S'Mores & Sorbets -- 15 Of The Tastiest Low-Cal Desse
Watching your weight doesn't mean you can't indulge in desserts from time to time. Check out our list of 15 mouth watering, low calorie desserts.

1. Peach Frozen Yogurt

Only four ingredients make up this recipe for a cold treat on a hot day.


4 cups peaches, frozen

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 plain yogurt

1 tbs. lemon juice


Combine the peaches and sugar in a food processor. Pulse until the peaches are coarsely chopped.

Mix the yogurt and lemon juice. Slowly add the mixture to the food processor.

Process the ingredients until smooth and well-blended. Serve i...

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