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'Avatar 2' Delayed For Second Time

1/23/2016 1:54pm EST
Fans of James Cameron's sci-fi blockbuster "Avatar" will have to wait a bit longer for the arrival of the film's first of three planned sequels, as the release date for "Avatar 2" has been pushed back for the second time -- this time indefinitely.

The film was originally slated for a holiday 2016 release, but director Cameron postponed the release until Christmas of 2017, but now it appears that the the continuing story of Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) and Jake (Sam Worthington) will arrive sometime in 2018 -- or even later.

The movie was bumped from 20th Century Fox's 2017 release slate earlier ...

Forgotten Friday Flick - 'Risky Business'

1/22/2016 1:35pm EST
Forgotten Friday Flick - 'Risky Business'
Love – or, in this case, lust – is in the air as we continue to movie countdown to the heart ridden day that has couples all aflutter – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick! Back in a time long before political correctness and uber-sensitivity is where this week’s selection reigned supreme. A pure 80’s tale, this one involves of a good suburban high school teen who decides to be bad and meets a call girl who will change his life forever. First times, fast cars, old time rock and roll and a girlfriend to boot – it’s all…"Risky Business!"

Joel Goodson is a good son and student who’s be...

Slamdance Film Festival Movies To See

1/21/2016 12:15pm EST
Slamdance Film Festival 2016 - 'What To See'
It’s January film freaks and if you’re in Park City, Utah that can only mean one thing - Slamdance! That’s right movie geeks we’re talking the indie friendly (and our personal favorite!) event the 'Slamdance Film Festival 2016' taking place Jan. 22-28 (go to for more info!) which this year promises to be a mecca for those looking for groundbreaking and entertaining films that will knock ones cinematic socks off. And we’re so pumped, so jazzed and so excited about finding the next nifty film nugget that we’ve got our proverbial popcorn buttered and at the ready. So as fi...

Jennifer Lawrence Lands Controversial Movie Role

1/20/2016 11:51pm EST
Jennifer Lawrence To Play Fidel Castro's Lover In 'Marita'
Jennifer Lawrence is set to star in 'Marita', a new movie from Sony that tells the story of Marita Lorenz, the woman who had an affair with Fidel Castro and was involved in the CIA's assassination attempt on the controversial Cuban leader.

That's the news that The Hollywood Reporter broke Tuesday night in an exclusive report. The pitch for the movie was made by Eric Warren Singer, who worked on 'American Hustle' with Lawrence.

Lawrence, who received her fourth Oscar nomination last week for starring as Joy Mangano in 'Joy', and will now be portraying another real-life woman in her next pr...

Leonardo's Next Big Role Is... Vladimir Putin?

1/19/2016 11:35pm EST
Leonardo DiCaprio Would 'Love' To Play Vladimir Putin
Leonardo DiCaprio is riding high this awards season, with critical acclaim coming in from all sides for his turn as frontiersman Hugh Glass in 'The Revenant'. DiCaprio has already taken home a Golden Globe and Critics Choice Award for the role and many industry insiders (including Kate Winslet) expect Leo to finally bring home his first Oscar at the end of February.

But because this is Hollywood, some have already started to speculate about what DiCaprio might do for an encore. One possibility popped up on Tuesday when DiCaprio gave an interview to Germany's Welt am Sonntag and said that h...

How Fans Can Be Apart Of Halloween Themed Flick 'The Harvesters'

1/19/2016 1:15pm EST
Har head
When it comes to the horror genre, nobody is more scare savvy than and Arrow in the Head journalist James "Jimmy O" Oster. Being a lifelong genre fan and overall blood and guts movie geek, Oster has a keen eye for spotting fantastic new mayhem driven material. Thus why we’re super excited about his first foray into the producing horror films ala the new Halloween themed fright flick entitled "The Harvesters." It’s the tale of a journalist who finds herself in the midst of murders and disappearances and fights to not become a victim in the story herself. (Chilling!) The film i...

'Intruders' Cast Fills Us In On Their Film

1/19/2016 11:23am EST
Interview: 'Intruders' (aka 'Shut In') Gang On Their Five-Star F
For those who follow my positive movie ramblings, the movie featured and praised in this article should come as no surprise. As the genre darling of last year’s LA Film Fest, the creepy and haunting flick "Intruders" (formerly "Shut In!") not only served up five-star fears with its tale of a trio of thieves who get more than they bargained for from a lone agoraphobic female with secrets (the show-stopping Beth Riesgraf!), but proved that a lethal leading lady could indeed be layered. So now that "Intruders" is both in select theaters and also available via many digital formats (iTunes, Am...

Ronda Rousey Expands Film Resume

1/19/2016 9:09am EST
Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey's film career is on fire. The mixed martial artist has landed a role in Tina Fey's new comedy "Do Nothing Bitches," according to Deadline.

The athlete, who lost her first major fight to Australian Holly Holm last year, will play a tough trainer who helps a group of slacker women. The title of the film is a phrase Rousey has often used in motivational speeches.

Paula Pell, who penned the recent Fey/Amy Poehler comedy "Sisters," pitched the film to Universal. The screenwriter and the "30 Rock" actress will produce it.

Rousey, 28, has appeared in "The Expendables 3" and "Entour...

Leo Gets Oscar Vote Of Confidence From An Old Costar

1/18/2016 11:07am EST
Kate Winslet Says It's 'Going To Be Leo's Year' At The Oscars
A lot of movie industry watchers expect 2016 to be the year Leonardo DiCaprio finally gets the monkey off his back and brings home his first Oscar and now that list includes one of his most famous costars.

Kate Winslet told BBC News over the weekend that she would be surprised if her 'Titanic' counterpart doesn't seal the deal this year.

“I think you can sort of feel it, and I think that everyone wants it for him,” she said. “It would be amazing.”

Winslet made the comments while attending the London Critics Circle Film Awards, where she won best supporting actress for her role in 'Steve ...

Why Did Christian Bale Quit New Movie?

1/18/2016 9:05am EST
Christian Bale
Christian Bale is no longer playing the role of Enzo Ferrari in an upcoming biopic due to concerns about the weight gain required for the role.

Deadline has the report that despite transforming himself for numerous other roles throughout his career, Bale has decided that the weight required for 'Ferrari' was simply too much, too soon, with filming set to start this spring.

In the past, Bale has taken on roles all over the scale, from his emaciated look in 'The Machinist' to his overweight bulge in 'American Hustle'. Bale reportedly weighed only 121 pounds during production of 'The Machini...

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