Penn Jillette Loses 120-Pounds in 4 Months

12/10/2015 7:38pm EST
Penn Jillette 120-Pound Weight Loss: How NASA Scientist Helped P
Penn Jillette is getting attention for his 120-pound weight loss. The illusionist has been shrinking before everyone's eyes and he's ready to share how he did it.

Jillette isn't a fan of moderation. He even said if he ever did indulge in alcohol or drugs, he'd use them to the point that he'd be a full-blown addict. So, when he wanted to lose weight after a realizing he was in danger of a stroke at 330-pounds last year, he was ready to commit to a drastic change.

In the beginning, doctors wanted to perform surgery on the 6-foot-6-inch-tall magician. Jillette had a more “radical” idea, ac...

Tia Mowry Lashes Out At Body Shamers

12/8/2015 7:19pm EST
Tia Mowry
Tia Mowry is addressing weight gain comments made by critics. Like so many other actresses lately, Mowry is taking on haters when it comes to body image.

"I just looked at my Instagram […] and someone was insinuating that I'm pregnant again," she said on HuffPost Live. "Guys, I'm not pregnant, I am just happy, and I've gained these extra 10, 15 lbs. because of my cooking show!"

The 37-year-old star makes no apologies for her body size, saying: "I'm just enjoying life, and when I want to drop the pounds I will, but right now I'm happy with who I am.”

Tia Mowry isn't bothered by a slight ...

Mila Kunis Desperate To Lose Weight For Roles?

12/6/2015 4:09pm EST
Mila Kunis
A tabloid report published claims Mila Kunis is desperate to lose as much weight as possible in order to land more coveted film roles. A story by Star magazine claims an “insider” leaked that Kunis has a goal to hit 95 pounds and that's she's “scarily close already.”

According to Gossip Cop, Kunis isn't trying to lose weight in an effort to save her alleged “flatlining career.” The site that often corrects circulating rumors in the celebrity world asserts that this report about Mila Kunis trying to lose weight is “totally false.” She's doing no such thing and there's nothing wrong whatsoev...

Gayle King Shares Weight Watchers Progress

12/6/2015 2:43pm EST
Gayle King
Gayle King revealed her lastest weight during her weight loss journey by following the Weight Watchers plan. Not only does Oprah Winfrey's BFF share the actual number of pounds the scale reads, but she shares that she's GAINED a few extra, Eonline reports.

On Dec. 4, King posted an Instagram photo of her stepping on the scale, which had a reading of 167.5 pounds. Gayle captioned it with: "Aaargh! I had gotten DOWN to 166.0 Hate when scale goes back UP...sticking with @weightwatchers tho-gonna blame thanksgiving.. WEEKEND. I remember when this was my crisis weight now just grateful !!"


Friends Reportedly Worried About Amy Schumer Packing On The Pounds

12/5/2015 9:17am EST
Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer, who has never been super thin, is reportedly gaining weight. The comedienne and actress has been packing on the pounds over the last few months, according to a new report.

A "friend" of the celeb told Star magazine: "She's gained a lot of weight over the past few months," adding,"Now that she's successful and swept up in the high life, she drinks a ton of alcohol and eats terribly."

The "Trainwreck" star's lifestyle and habits "are getting out of control, and her friends are starting to worry," reports the tabloid.

An insider said, "She's in complete denial about it. She doe...

Mark Hamill Is Quite A Bit Skinnier Now

12/4/2015 1:28pm EST
Mark Hamill's Huge Weight Loss: Actor Dropped 50 Pounds For 'Sta
It's unclear how Luke Skywalker will factor in to the new "Star Wars" film, but we do know that Mark Hamill lost a lot of weight to reprise the role.

Rolling Stone magazine reports, "He seems to have lost a good 50 pounds, but he doesn't want compliments: 'It implies that I looked so dreadful before!'" the star said.

The actor, 64, added, "Look at what I'm eating now instead of potato chips and bagels," gesturing to a fruit-and-vegetable plate. "I'm on the 'if it tastes good, don't eat it' diet."

There has been speculation that Luke has gone to the dark side or, in a more far-fetched cla...

See Wendy Williams' Svelte Figure In Black Bikini

12/1/2015 1:49pm EST
Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams showed off her 50-pound weight loss in a one-piece black bikini over Thanksgiving weekend on the beach in Bal Harbour, Florida. The talk show host looked incredible as she went on a beach outing with her husband, Kevin Hunter.

The 51-year-old lost a lot of weight this year. On Saturday, Williams was seen strutting her svelte body in a vintage-style bikini that consisted of a small skirt at the bottom. It showed off her thin legs, flat stomach, and eye-popping cleavage.

Williams revealed that she lost all the weight by going vegan and exercising. You can see the results by w...

Mariah Carey Slims Down -- She How Much Weight She's Reportedly Lost

12/1/2015 8:51am EST
Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey looked fantastic at the 89th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in New York City last week. She celebrated the holiday in a form-fitting red dress, white stole and elbow-length gloves.

An "expert" told Radar Online that the singer "appears to have lost a staggering 45 pounds" over the last two months after moving in with billionaire boyfriend James Packer.

While it's clear that Carey looks slimmer these days, who's to say for sure how much weight the voluptuous star has actually lost.

Carey recently told People magazine that she often takes her baths in a swimsuit because h...

Boyfriend Unhappy With Gwyneth Paltrow's Weight Loss (Report)

11/28/2015 8:54am EST
Gwyneth Paltrow's Weight Loss Worries Boyfriend -- See The Reaso
Gwyneth Paltrow has unintentionally lost some weight over the last month due to stress, and her boyfriend Brad Falchuk isn't happy about it, according to a new report.

The "American Horror Story" producer is begging his girlfriend, 43, "to quit her crazy eating habits after she dropped 5 lbs. over the past month," a source told OK! magazine.

The insider added, "On Gwyneth, a 5 lbs weight loss really shows, which is why she’s been wearing big sweaters and billowing dresses. Brad doesn’t like it and prefers her to have more meat on her bones."

The actress has reportedly been trying to hide...

Angelina Jolie Too Thin For Plastic Surgery Procedure?

11/21/2015 8:38am EST
Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie was reportedly told that she was too thin for a certain plastic surgery procedure that she wanted. According to Radar Online, the actress wanted to have her breasts reconstructed using fat tissue from her abdomen following her mastectomy... but she didn't have enough tissue there for doctors to use.

"Angelina didn’t want to have breast implants after her mastectomy, because it would require additional surgeries down the road, and possible complications. The alternative to the breast implants would have been taking fat from her abdomen to construct the breasts. Using her own ...

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