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Justin Bieber To Be Honored At Tribeca Film Festival

4/5/2012 8:20am EDT
Justin Bieber
Pop star Justin Bieber is set to be honored at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival in New York for his impact on social media.

The Baby hit-maker's mother took to to publicize the star's talent when he was an aspiring singer, prompting manager Scooter Braun to sign him up.

Bieber has since sold more than eight million records worldwide, and Tribeca Film Festival chiefs are recognizing the pop star and Braun for "the historic discovery of Bieber on YouTube and his subsequent social media rise."

The pair is expected to attend the Disruptive Innovation Awards ceremony on April 27t...

Tribeca 2011 Was About The Fun

5/3/2011 11:30am EDT
Seriously, what's not fun about this?
When I was nineteen I had the opportunity to go to this thing . . . well, it was basically a summer camp for new models. Forget the reason we were supposed to be there; what mattered was that for one week everybody partied. We had jobs to do, but this was sort of ancillary to the greater purpose (which was to party). Some people worked and partied, some people just worked, some people partied after they worked, and some people just partied. I would have set the percentage of people who just worked at something like 2%. Why am I telling you this? Because at some point during the last week of...

Tribeca: Seven Questions For Katie O'Grady Of 'Rid Of Me'

5/1/2011 12:44pm EDT
Katie O'Grady as Meris in 'Rid of ME'
Seven questions for Rid of Me's Katie O'Grady. O'Grady, who plays Meris in the film, has received critical acclaim as a socially anxious woman who's forced into a divorce shortly after moving with her husband back to his hometown.

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but you’ve been receiving a lot of high praise for your performance as Meris is Ride of Me. What’s your reaction to all of this?

Katie O’Grady: I’ll have to be honest with you, because I’ve read all of them. I’m really excited that people have been relating to Meris’s character, and particularly, a couple of people have...

Tribeca: Seven Questions for Alexandra McGuinness

4/30/2011 10:21pm EDT
Alexandra McGuinness
Seven questions for Alexandra McGuinness, writer and director of Lotus Eaters

What was your original basis for wanting to do Lotus Eaters?

Alexandra McGuinness: I had always had the idea floating around. I went to London when I was seventeen and it was a bit of a culture shock; the idea mostly originated from that experience. I think it’s an idea that a lot of people can relate to—it’s about being at that stage in your life where you’re searching for something, or maybe you’ve taken the wrong direction by making the wrong choices and you’re trying to right yourself, or maybe you’re ...

Tribeca: Beats, Rhymes & Life Of A Tribe Called Quest

4/30/2011 7:40am EDT
Once upon a time, someone in the hip-hop community decreed that Bill Clinton had earned the “Black People Card”. I’m not certain, but it sounds like something Chris Rock would’ve said, so for now I’ll credit him with this. The argument was that Clinton was so cool, so down with black people, that had it not been for the colour of his skin, he’d be considered black on street cred alone. Think of the Black People Card as the Black Amex of the hip-hop community: you can’t apply for the card. If you ask, chances are you can’t afford it. No, you have to be sent an invitation. The hip-hop communi...

Tribeca Review: 'Beyond the Black Rainbow' Sets a New Cult Standard

4/29/2011 10:07am EDT
Beyond the Black Rainbow
It is with my utmost pleasure to present you with a first in Simbarashe/Starpulse history. In fact I’m so excited about this review that if it weren’t for me writing this on the B train, I’d toast with a glass of something hard and classy. Beyond the Black Rainbow. What can I say?

(Thinking . . . waiting . . .)

It is absolutely, and without a doubt the most painful film I have seen in my entire life. It's straight up brutal. Bad. But before you decide to skip reading further because I said this, I have news for you: What I’m clearly stating to you now isn’t what you might think. You could...

Tribeca Review: Will Ferrell Shows Us He Can Do More Than Comedy In 'Everything Must Go'

4/28/2011 11:15am EDT
Everything Must Go
A few years ago, funnyman extraordinaire Will Ferrell gave us Stranger Than Fiction, a serious movie that just happened to be funny. This time he teams up with writer/director Dan Rush for Everything Must Go, a funny movie that just happens to be serious. Ferrell plays Nick Porter, an excellent salesman who gets fired from his cushy job because of a little drinking problem. Well, a big drinking problem. He arrives home to find that his luck hasn’t changed—his wife has changed the locks on the doors to the house, and to boot she puts all of his stuff out on the front lawn. (We’re talking all...

Tribeca Review: 'Turn Me On, Goddammit' Satisfies

4/25/2011 4:06pm EDT
Turn Me On Goddammit
Fifteen-year-old Alma has a problem. She’s cute, she has friends and a sense of humor, but she doesn’t have Artur, a boy at school she likes. To be clear, Alma spends all day romanticizing about the two of them together, walking poetically through the woods and sharing the type of silent chemistry made especially for soulmates. He makes passionate love to her. But all of this happens in her daydreams. What’s a horny fifteen-year-old to do? Though Alma (played by an exceedingly pretty Helene Bergsholm) has a sense of self-assurance, she’s not assured enough to approach Artur the way she’d li...

Tribeca Review: 'Lotus Eaters' Rocks

4/25/2011 3:11pm EDT
Campbell-Hughes and Flynn
There are endless stories out there about underdogs who enter a world of luxury and privilege and suddenly find themselves fighting to be accepted or champion of their new surroundings. We know and understand the score every time: You need someone who’s kind of/sort of pretty when dressed down, who can become a knockout when dressed up, someone who has a character that’s a little fragile but ultimately resilient, someone you want to root for, someone you subconsciously want to fall in with. Yawn. First-time director Alexandra McGuiness creates the same world sure enough, but introduces inst...

Tribeca Showcases Two Must See Music Docs: 'The Union' With Elton John & Leon Russell and Kings of Leon 'Talihina Sky'

4/22/2011 9:58am EDT
EltonJohn 2011 Tribeca Film Festival
Tribeca opened with back-to-back nights of excellent music documentaries. Wednesday night saw The Union, an incredible film featuring Elton John and music legend Leon Russell as they constructed their album of the same name. What was most fascinating about Union had more to do with Russell; here is a man who was John’s biggest idol as he himself was breaking into the music business. Russell, it can be fair to say, was one of the greatest session piano players of all time, sitting in on hits like “Do Run Run” and “Help Me Rhonda”—but most people under 40 have probably never heard of him. Ear...

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