Last Night's 'Hannibal' Was The Freakiest. Thing. Ever.

7/19/2015 6:42am EDT
Hannibal TV Series
"Digestivo"- an alcoholic drink served at the end of a formal, multi-course Italian dinner. Sometimes it's grappa (brandy made from grapes), sometimes it's limoncello (lemon liquor). Typically, the digestivo is meant to help digest (well, duh) the massive pile of food you just consumed.

Oh, and in case you didn't get the memo (thanks for the short notice, NBC), Hannibal airs on Saturday night from now on, and for the rest of the season. Saturday night is where TV shows are dumped and left to die. And Hannibal will almost certainly not get that season four, but now there's a movie in the ca...

This Week's 'Strike Back' Flashback

7/17/2015 12:04pm EDT
'Strike Back' Flashback: Cinemax Season 3 Turns Up The Heat
We're two weeks away from the final season of Strike Back, and that means it's time for one last Flashback. Cinemax season three (season four overall) continued to improve the show for a number of reasons, and was basically the starting point for the series as we're about to rejoin it. It's rare to see a program that legitimately continues to top itself every single year, but Strike Back accomplished that in spades.

This season sees Lt. Col. Locke (Robson Green) officially take command of Section 20, which was a big plus for the series. Firstly, it's Robson Green. He knows the TV medium in...

'Impractical Jokers' Are Back!

7/17/2015 10:07am EDT
'Impractical Jokers' Scorecard: 'Bathroom Break' - Get On The Ho
TruTV's Impractical Jokers are finally back with new episodes to finish out their season, and they're not wasting any time embarrassing themselves on national television. Here's what went down in the midseason premiere, "Bathroom Break."

Challenge #1: Braking Bad
The guys have to do and say as they're told while working as auto parts salesmen. Sal is annoyed that somebody can't spell his name right (it's three letters!), but then breaks out his sassy alter-ego to help his first customer. He voluntarily takes a loss - and leaves the premises - rather than call his second customer the 'B' wo...

'Rookie Blue' Puts Focus On Nick Collins

7/17/2015 9:05am EDT
'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'Letting Go' - Past Imperfect
This week's Rookie Blue is all about pulling skeletons out of the closet. "Letting Go" puts the focus on Nick Collins, who finally gets more to do than just chase after the new addition, and he's more than able to carry the weight of an entire episode. Plus, fans can play "spot the familiar face" amongst the guest cast. It all adds up to one of the better episodes so far in season six.

Everything seems to be fine for Nick, who's continuing to chase after Juliet (plus one awkward moment with Andy). But then he takes a phone call from his brother Finn (Peter Stebbings, who directed this seas...

Best Moments From 'Big Brother' Week 5 Eviction

7/17/2015 8:17am EDT
There’s something off about the editing this season. While it’s still worlds better than the bore-fest that was BB16, the focus on competitions has pulled too much focus away from a great cast. Plus the constant twists get in the way off the really interesting characters and their relationships. We hardly know anything about cast members like Jackie, Becky, Jason, and Meg, but we do know that some dude named Gronk likes to party. Maybe that’s why they didn’t bother to introduce a new Takeover Twist at the end of this episode. If there was less focus on the compulsory parts like competitions...

Starz 'Power' Recap: Why Her

7/17/2015 6:53am EDT
Starz Entertainment LLC
If you thought last week was a cliff hanger, ‘Power’ writers have upped the ante with “Why Her.” Fair warning: it’s very much a Holly-centric episode, so expect to grimace and sigh quite often -- and surprisingly feel sympathetic to our klepto's torturous choice of either snitching on her beau, or having the family she always dreamed of with Tommy. Tasha and Ghost also face a fork in the road that not only threatens to end their marriage, but destroy their entire family.

Check the top jaw-to-floor moments from Starz’ “Power” latest episode below.

1. Holly Better Get the Gun

As promised A...

'Suits' Recap: 'No Puedo Hacerlo'

7/16/2015 9:06am EDT
'Suits' Recap And Review: 'No Puedo Hacerlo' - Family Warfare
The fifth season of Suits has so far pulled no punches (just the way we like it), and that's still the case with "No Puedo Hacerlo," which gets to the inevitable battle between Mike and his future father-in-law, as well as giving us plenty of strong female characters to enjoy throughout the episode. No one on this show takes anything easy, and that's what makes everything so entertaining.

Harvey and Mike run into each other in the lobby, with Mike gloating over receiving a settlement offer from the insurance company he and Robert Zane have been chasing. He then crosses paths with Katrina B...

'Scream' The MTV Series, Takes Another Victim

7/15/2015 10:39am EDT
'Scream' The MTV Series Episode 3 Recap: 'Wanna Play A Game?'
Scream: The MTV Series took another victim. Unlike the previous two, this one had close ties to the inner circle. We also got to know this character for more than five minutes.

Emma also uncovered some major family secrets on the third episode of Scream. These secrets might just cost Emma her life.


Will digs up some money that Jake, Tyler and him hid. It apparently came from the webcam business, the one that involved Nina. Will refuses to give Tyler back the money unless he shuts it down.

This action turns the best friends against each other.

Brandon James Lives

Due to her ...

Neil Patrick Harris Joins 'America’s Got Talent' To Judge First Round Cuts

7/15/2015 10:20am EDT
'America's Got Talent' Recap: The Best Of The First Round Of Cut
Neil Patrick Harris joined the America's Got Talent judges to make the first round of cuts. Last night, America's Got Talent season 10 narrowed down the first twenty acts to seven. Unfortunately, cutting contestants became easier than we expected. Many of the contestants' acts fell apart during this round. They lost their spark.

The few that managed to rise to the occasion gave all right performances. Nevertheless, a handful gave knock out ones.

Here is our list of the top five performances from America's Got Talent's first round of cuts (in order of appearance):

Top 5 Performances


'RHONY': The Turks And Caicos Vacation Comes To An End

7/15/2015 8:54am EDT
“Be cool. Don't be all, like, uncool,” commands the Countess.

What led up to this royal directive?

The Turks and Caicos vacay is coming to an end. We pick up where we left off at the “to curse or not to curse” dinner where Dorinda starts to have a meltdown and Heather takes her to a different part of the hotel so they can have a private talk -- because after all, they're both Berkshire girls.

Sonja tells Luann the discussion, which got out of hand, is all her fault because she started the “It's not countess-like to curse,” ball rolling. Luann denies, denies, denies.

Ramona trails Dori...

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