'New Girl' Recap: 'What About Fred?'

1/13/2016 10:22am EST
New Girl
“New Girl” has often been about roleplaying, as young adulthood tends to be a time for trying on various identities until finding the one that fits. This is especially true for this group of friends. “What About Fred?” amplifies that theme, as concerted efforts toward maturity and relationship adventures lead to uncomfortable, but potentially rewarding situations. “New Girl” understands the demands of society to play specific roles in one’s personal and professional lives and determines that the best response to those demands is not necessarily total acceptance, nor is it outright rejection...

Check Out Our Preview Of Showtime's 'Billions' Which Premieres Sunday

1/9/2016 8:30am EST
Showtime's Billions wants to be a battle between two heavy hitters in the business world. And while it is that, it's something even better: a prize fight between four fantastic actors.

Damian Lewis, Paul Giamatti, Maggie Siff and Malin Akerman all shine in the new drama, which premieres next Sunday and offers viewers another look into a high-powered world. But where House of Lies is a comedic take on consultancy, Billions is a tough exploration of Wall Street - particularly the intersection between three familiar subjects: money, power and politics.

U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades (Giamatti) ...

'American Idol' Final Season Night Two Premiere Recap

1/8/2016 11:35am EST
'American Idol' Final Season Night Two Premiere Recap: Little Ro
Wednesday, the American potential Idols offered up a night of solid performances. On Thursday night's American Idol 2016 premiere, we witnessed even more talented auditions. This may be the strongest group of contestants that Idol has had in years. The Little Rock and San Francisco auditions brought back winners Lee DeWyze and Kris Allen to help the American Idol 2016 judges find the next possible superstar.

Little Rock Auditions

Cameron Richard

"Give Me Love" by Ed Sheeran

Judges' Comments: Jennifer Lopez said that Cameron sings with a lot of passion. Harry Connick Jr. said that the yo...

'America Idol' Final Season Premiere Recap

1/7/2016 2:58pm EST
'America Idol' Final Season Premiere Recap: Kanye West Makes an
American Idol returned for its final season with a blend of nostalgia and hope for a true star in the making. Last night's episode saw the return of past Idol winners such as Taylor Hicks, Lee Dewyze, Kris Allen, and Ruben Studdard. American Idol 2016 started off by reminding fans just how influential the series has been for individuals and families. Then Idol went right into auditions.

Last night the American Idol judges took auditions to Atlanta and Denver. The episode ended with a (carefully planned and promoted) surprise guest appearance by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Here are the ...

'The Middle' Recap: Sue Applies To Sororities, Mike Joins Twitter, Bric

1/7/2016 9:10am EST
The Middle
The Hecks continue moving onto new horizons, with the whole family meeting some major milestones in “The Rush.” Brick buys his own clothes for the first time, making Frankie realize she will never buy him pants again. Sue tries out a traditional college housing situation. Axl enters the big boy workforce, and most dramatically, Mike joins social media. Each milestone goes about how you would expect for each character, but also more happily than you might have feared.

Brick has a way of making anything he does sound mundane, so it requires close attention to recognize when he has accomplish...

'New Girl' Season 5 Premiere Recap

1/6/2016 9:05am EST
New Girl
As sitcoms age, they must remain consistent but not complacent. Conversely, they must also take care not to lose track of their characters. The season 5 premiere of “New Girl” has several situations that bring these conundrums to the fore. This is the nature of FOX shows. Other networks often have a lead-in intro sequence, but FOX cuts straight from the commercial to the opening act. And with this batch of episodes premiering midseason and thus presenting the longest stretch between new “New Girl’s,” there is a need for the viewer to make sure that everything is as it should be. There is no...

'Doctor Who' Christmas Special: Enough Banter To Keep Fans Delighted

12/26/2015 8:55am EST
'Doctor Who' Christmas Special Review: River's Holiday Return
The Doctor Who Christmas Special has become something of a tradition for sci-fi fans as a nice way to close out the holiday. With "The Husbands of River Song," which is Peter Capaldi's second Christmas Special as The Doctor, there's not as much holiday as in years past - but there's enough banter to keep fans delighted.

As if the title wasn't an indication, "The Husbands of River Song" really isn't much of a Christmas story; it's more a story that happens to take place in winter. Nor is it really a Doctor story; it's a River (Alex Kingston) adventure with The Doctor playing companion. Yet ...

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Host Year-End Episode Of SNL, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney Join

12/20/2015 4:32pm EST
SNL Tina Amy Bruce
“SNL’s” Christmas episodes often have a homecoming feel, insofar as good vibes are easier to come by than usual, and visits from old friends are part of the deal. Usually sports teams designate a winnable game as homecoming, because nobody wants to lose homecoming. So it only makes sense when the “SNL” Christmas lineup features as co-hosts two of the show’s most famous alums who have developed quite the comedic partnership, and as musical guest one of the most iconic rock stars of all time who has a beloved Christmas song in his arsenal. It would take a lot of effort to screw this one up.


Can ‘The Voice’ Winner Jordan Smith Breakthrough To The Next Level?

12/16/2015 9:18am EST
Is Jordan Smith The Most Important 'The Voice' Artist Ever?
Even before Jordan Smith physically appeared on The Voice, there was a buzz surrounding the young pop singer from Kentucky. Just prior to this season's premiere, NBC leaked a clip of Jordan's blind audition, teasing it with the phrase "the most shocking reveal on The Voice yet."

Once his audition aired, audiences saw the four superstar coaches give Jordan a standing ovation and some of the strongest praise ever handed out in the series. So no one was surprised when he took home the Voice trophy on Tuesday night - but is the show's newest winner as significant to the series as he was advert...

'The Voice' Finalist Perform: Here Are Our Picks For Top 3 Performances

12/15/2015 9:11am EST
'The Voice': Top 3 Performances From Season 9 Finale
The Voice had its four finalists perform three times on Monday night, as they went head to head (to head to head) to determine which one of them will win season nine and a contract with Republic Records.

The final four - Team Gwen's Jeffery Austin (pictured), Team Blake's Barrett Baber and Emily Ann Roberts, and Team Adam's Jordan Smith - each sang a regular song, a holiday song and a coach duet during the season-ending performance show, and we've picked who sung it best in each category.

Solo Performance: Jordan Smith, "Climb Every Mountain"

Jordan has proven himself the master of bal...

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